Why You Should Lease A High-End Vehicle

9 January 2020
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Conventional wisdom tells you that it's better to make payments to own a car instead of just leasing because after a certain amount of time, the vehicle then becomes your property, an asset you can add to your personal net worth. But while conventional wisdom is sometimes correct, it's not necessarily the right advice for every person in every situation. In fact, if you are looking at high-end or premium car brands, there are a number of reasons why you might want to lease instead of buy. Read More …

Fundamental Steps To Take When Buying A New Sedan

8 January 2020
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Sedans are renowned for their space and fuel economy. If you plan on purchasing a brand-new model, then these steps are important to take. They can help you walk away with zero buyer's remorse later down the road. Choose a Great Brand How great this new sedan ends up working out depends a lot on its brand. You may not like everything a particular brand offers in terms of packages and performance specs. Read More …