Year, Make And Drive Of The Vehicle – 3 Things To Remember When Purchasing

Year, Make And Drive Of The Vehicle – 3 Things To Remember When Purchasing

13 January 2023
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The purchase of a vehicle can be stressful. What make would be best? Do you want an SUV, van, truck, sedan, or coupe? Do you want a fully fuel-reliant vehicle or one that operates solely on electricity? Would a hybrid be the best fit? Here, you'll find a few things to consider as you purchase your next vehicle.

Year of the Vehicle

There are several things to consider, but starting with the year of the vehicle can help you narrow down the many options.

Some assume that newer vehicles cost more than older options. The truth is, if you plan to finance the vehicle, your monthly payments may be lower due to a decrease in the interest rate. Typically, the older the vehicle, the higher the interest rate.

In some cases, older vehicles may cost you more in interest, but the overall cost of purchasing the vehicle may be less.

Brand-new vehicles lose a great deal of resale value the second they are driven off of the dealer's lot. So, the vehicle that you pay $25 thousand for may only be worth $22 thousand to an insurance company if you were to be in an accident. This means you'd be left owing $3000 for a vehicle that you no longer have.

Make of the Vehicle

Vehicles are not designed or manufactured equally. Some makes are known to suffer from severe body rust long before the engines are blown. Other makes have a poorly designed engine but the body will last a great deal longer even in snow-prone environments.

One example is Honda versus Hyundai. For the same year and same mileage, you may notice that the Honda likely costs more than the Hyundai. This is because Honda-made vehicles often outlast Hyundai with proper maintenance and care. This means the resale value of the vehicle is protected far longer.

Test Drives

Take the time to visit your local Honda dealership to test drive the vehicle. Many dealerships have test drive routes that they regularly take. If, during the test drive, you don't experience the type of driving that you typically practice each day, ask to take another route. This way, you get a feel for the vehicle on both back roads and highway conditions.

Talk with your local Honda dealer to find a vehicle that is a good fit for your needs and your budget.

To learn more, visit a Honda dealership in your area.