Dump Trailers: Are You Ready For A New One?

Dump Trailers: Are You Ready For A New One?

31 March 2021
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If you have seen dump trailers for sale at your local commercial auto dealership, but you don't know if it's time to replace your current dump trailers with new ones just yet, then you can use this guide to help you. This article will help you determine if you have some life left in your current dump trailers, or if it's time to consider new ones.

Your current dump trailers have exceeded their depreciation value

If you have been using depreciation on your dump trailers for your taxes, then you know what a big tax write-off work vehicles can be. To maximize this write-off and make the amount even higher in the future, replace older dump trailers that have come close to maxing out with newer models. If you use dump trailers exclusively for work, you may be able to write off all of the investment and then write off depreciation value every year thereafter, helping you offset the initial investment greatly.

Your current dump trailers keep breaking down and costing money

Your dump trailers should be making you money once they have been paid off, not cost you money. While there are constant maintenance costs and certain overhead costs associated with owning any type of business equipment, including dump trailers, you shouldn't be investing money in repairing old and worn-out dump trailers. This is simply throwing money away since you will not be able to recoup that cost later, as equipment depreciates with time.

If you have to constantly forgo work projects, put projects on hold, or find ways to pay for your older dump trailers, then it's time to invest in newer dump trailers. You may be able to trade in non-working or junky dump trailers as an incentive to buy new ones; your auto dealer will let you know what your purchase options are for getting a new dump trailer and getting rid of older ones.

Your current dump trailers may not have the features you want

Do you see features in hydraulics and other parts of new dump trailers that you desire but don't have in your existing dump trailers? Speak to your company's accountant to see what you have to do to budget for new dump trailers so you can get the dump trailers you want within a reasonable budget. Your auto dealer will show you new or preowned dump trailers that meet your needs and budget best.

Your new dump trailers can out-perform your existing equipment and make work easier. Speak to your auto dealer about upgrading your existing dump trailers today.