3 Tips For First-Time Truck Buyers

3 Tips For First-Time Truck Buyers

11 June 2020
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Shopping for a pickup truck is not like shopping for a passenger car. Trucks are versatile vehicles that can have many uses. Manufacturers have created trucks with so many options and style choices that it can be difficult for a first-time buyer to navigate the truck market.

You don't want to get caught up in the maze of trucks on a dealer's lot, so use these three tips to help you narrow your options and select the truck that will best suit your needs over time.

1. Consider Your Intended Use

The way that you plan to use your pickup truck in the future can have an impact on the type of truck you should purchase.

If you just want the luxury of driving a truck and having the ability to transport furniture every now and then, a mid-size truck will be sufficient to meet your needs. If you are planning to tow a trailer, RV, or boat, you will want the towing capacity offered by a full-size truck.

By identifying your intended use before you visit a dealership, you can avoid looking at trucks that won't provide the features you are looking for.

2. Know What You Will Tow

If you do intend to use your new truck as a tow vehicle, you will need to identify what you will be towing on a regular basis. The weight of both the trailer and any materials loaded in/on the trailer will play a part in determining which truck you should purchase.

Small trailers loaded with an ATV or small fishing boat probably won't weigh much. These smaller trailers can easily be towed by a light-duty truck. Large RVs, ski boats, or other sizable loads will require more power to move. Only a heavy-duty truck should be trusted with these heavy loads.

You can use your estimated towing needs to help you choose the right truck.

3. Think About Where You'll Go

You shouldn't invest in a truck until you have identified the places you intend to travel in the truck.

Drivers who don't have plans to go anywhere except well-maintained roads or over flat terrain can get by with a two-wheel-drive truck. Drivers looking to navigate mountain roads, slippery boat ramps, or travel in the snow will want a truck with four-wheel drive so that they can maintain good traction.

Select your truck with the type of terrain you will travel in mind.

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