Why It's Important For Your Motorhome's Captain Chair To Pivot

Why It's Important For Your Motorhome's Captain Chair To Pivot

15 January 2020
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When you shop for a motorhome, there are many different details to evaluate. While you might primarily focus on the larger details, such as how many people can comfortably sleep in the motorhome on trips, you should also take note of the smaller details. Where the captain's chair is concerned, comfort is an important factor. You're going to be spending long stretches of time in this chair, so being able to do so without back pain will be critical. You should also note whether the chair pivots or not. Ideally, it will, so that you can enjoy these benefits.

Rotating When Loading

Depending on how wide the captain's chair is, you may find that the edge or corner of it gets in the way a little while you're loading large things into the motorhome. For example, if you want a certain piece of furniture in the vehicle, or are otherwise trying to pass something big through the captain's area, you want it to slide in with ease. Depending on the size and shape of what you're moving, it can sometimes be handy if the captain's chair can pivot. You may seldom need to rotate the chair for this function, but you'll appreciate being able to do so when the need arises.

Turning To Get In And Out

A lot of people find that being able to turn the captain's chair when they want to get in and out of it can be handy. For example, if you've parked your motorhome and will be heading to the rear to sit down, you won't need to physically leave the vehicle. In this scenario, you may find that if you can rotate the captain's chair around to your right, you'll have an easier time getting out of it. This can especially be true if you have long legs or if you're on the heavier side.

Turning While Seated

There can be times that you wish to remain seated in the captain's chair once you've stopped your motorhome, but you don't want to be facing ahead. For example, if you'll be eating a meal or simply conversing with your passengers, you obviously want to face them. A captain's chair that rotates will allow you to turn to the desired angle and sit in that manner in comfort. When you're checking out different motorhomes, don't shy away from taking a seat in the captain's chair and seeing how far around it rotates.

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