4 Small Car Repairs That Will Save You From Major Repairs

4 Small Car Repairs That Will Save You From Major Repairs

11 January 2020
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When it comes to owning a vehicle, it is really about the small repairs. Engaging in and taking care of the small repairs and needs of your vehicle will help save you from paying an expensive repair bill. 

Small Repair #1: Check All Fluids When Changing the Oil

When you get your oil changed, you should ask the mechanic to check all the fluid levels for your vehicle. An oil change is a great opportunity to make sure that you have enough of all the other necessary fluids for your vehicle.

You should ask your mechanic to check the transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and/or anti-freeze, and the power steering fluid in addition to the motor oil. These are all important fluids you want to keep above the necessary minimum level for your vehicle. You also should ask your mechanic to check the windshield washer levels as well. Keeping all your fluids full and clean will help prevent damage to all the associated systems.

Small Repair #2: Invest in Proper Tire Care

Next, you need to invest in proper tire care. You should get your tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Many people get their tires rotated every other oil change; associating these tasks together can help ensure that you follow through.

At least once a month, you need to check the air pressure in your tires. Keeping your tires at the right air pressure levels will allow your tires to get the best possible handling and fuel economy.

Finally, you need to make sure that you get your alignment checked every few years. When your tires are properly aligned, they will wear down at the right rate, and you will be able to enjoy better vehicle handling.

Small Repair #3: Change Your Air Filter

You need to make sure that you change both the air filters in your vehicle. When it comes to air filters, most people are aware of one air filter or another. Your vehicle has both a cabin filter and an engine filer. Both of these filters help to remove containments from the air before that air is pumped through the engine, or into your vehicle. A clogged engine or cabin air filter can have negative effects on your vehicle and should be changed on a regular basis.

Small Repair #4: Get Your Belts & Hoses Checked Out

Finally, you need to make sure that you check the belts and hoses on your vehicle. Your belts and hoses are small parts that support big systems. They undergo a lot of wear and tear and need to be kept in great shape in order to support the systems they are connected to. Make sure that you get your belts and hoses check out on a yearly basis.

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, it is all about taking care of a small Nissan repair, so you can avoid the major repairs.